Port Officer Service Award

Introduced at the suggestion of then Rear Commodore Mark Holbrook and first presented in 2008, this award is made to an OCC Port Officer or Port Officer Representative who has provided outstanding service to both local and visiting members, as well as to the wider sailing community.

Previous Winners

Year Winner Citation
2019 Linda Lane Thornton More details
2019 Pam Wall More details
2018 Mary Schempp-Berg, Dianne Tetreault & Agustín Martin More details
2017 Gary Naigle & Greta Gustafson More details
2016 Agustin Martin s/v Caballito de Mar IX More details
2016 Nina Kiff s/v Wetherley More details
2015 Oliver SoLanas Heinrichs More details
2015 Donal McClement More details
2014 Vladimir Ivankiv More details
2014 Jesse James More details
2013 Derek Allen, Sam Crowley, Dick Davidson, Alfredo Lagos, Ian Nicholson More details
2012 John van Schalkwyk More details
2011 George and Nancy Marvin More details
2010 Catia Carvalho More details
2010 Frank Castella More details
2009 Ted Laurentius More details
2008 Wolfgang Reuter and Terry OBrien More details
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Port Officer Service Award