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The Ocean
Cruising Club

To be a part of the OCC is to be a part of a group of people who have said 'yes' to adventure and who will welcome you if you choose to do the same.

The people in the Ocean Cruising Club represent the distilled essence of the cruising community, a potent combination of accomplishment, experience, idealism, eccentricity, generosity and humility.

The sole qualification for Full membership, entails stepping aboard a boat and making a continuous ocean passage of at least 1000 nautical miles, measured by the shortest practical Great Circle route between two ports, in a vessel not more than 70 feet overall length. Associate Members join aspiring to do the same and being inspired by those who already have.

11 Jul 2021

Upcoming OCC Events

By Daria Blackwell

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, many live events have been cancelled or postponed. A series of webinars have been initiated and will be recorded and available to view on the website. ....

03 Jul 2021

30th Anniversary of Sailing Club in Cuba

By Daria Blackwell

Hemingway International Nautical Club of Cuba will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2022 and we are all invited. ....

02 Jul 2021

What to do if you encounter orcas off the Iberian Coast

By Daria Blackwell

Over the past year, numerous, often violent, interactions between whales and yachts have been reported along the coasts of Spain and Portugal right to the Straits of Gibraltar. ....

30 Jun 2021

Plastic Free July

By Holly Manvell

Plastic Free July is a global campaign, the idea being that everyone removes plastic from their day-to-day, entirely. This may be impractical for many, but the idea should spotlight our overreliance. ....

16 Jun 2021

RoRC Report on What to Do with a Drunken Sailor

By RoRC Guy Chester

From a very early age, I was going to be a sailor. I had a picture book of Sir Alec Rose’s voyage and one of Robin Lee Graham’s. As soon as I was reading “books” Swallows and Amazons captured me. ....

16 Jun 2021

RoRC Report from the Channel Islands

By RoRCs Reg & Nicky Barker 

Our last RoRC report detailed our sail back across the Atlantic prompted by the Covid crisis. ....

16 Jun 2021

OCC Roving Rear Commodore Report from French Polynesia - Marquises

By RoRCs Andy and Sue Warman 

Clear indications of “Restraint Fatigue” are emerging in the cruising community throughout French Polynesia.  ....

15 Jun 2021

RoRC Soundings from the Islands

By RoRC Alastair Hill

“Last year I lent a hand to pull the boats onto the land, They’ve been lying there for nineteen months or more, And I wonder will they lie there evermore”. ....

15 Jun 2021

RoRC Report -- Desktop sailing and food for heroes

By RoRC Andrew Curtain 

It is hard to imagine a more difficult year. It’s a very nasty virus and with international travel upended and restrictions to entry to most countries, plans for cruising are put on hold. ....

15 Jun 2021

RoRC Report from Maine to the Dry Tortugas

By RoRCs Bill and Grace Heaton

In our last RoRC Report we were enjoying a beautiful summer in Maine. We were really hoping that the Canadian border would open and we could make a run to Nova Scotia but alas that never happened.  ....

15 Jun 2021

Two Drifters Reports On Sailing In The Tuamotus in French Polynesia 

By RoRC Fergus Dunipace 

There’s not a day that goes by when we don’t thank our lucky stars for being ‘stuck’ in French Polynesia during these unprecedented times.  ....

09 Jun 2021

Southern Ocean Officially Recognised as Earth's 5th Ocean

By Daria Blackwell

Coincident with World Oceans Day, National Geographic announced that it is officially recognizing the Southern Ocean as the Earth's fifth ocean. ....