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Best Practices in Bluewater Cruising

The OCC has some of the most experienced blue water sailors in the world among its membership.

To capture some of their valuable expertise, the OCC has initiated a series of white papers based on the collective experience of its members, which are shared in various communications channels including the OCC Forum, OCC Facebook Page, Flying Fish Journal and OCC Newsletter (OCC Members Only).

We will continue to publish new papers as topics arise.

If you have an idea for a topic, please contact PR@oceancruisingclub.org.

Western Caribbean Cookbook

Recipes and tips collected during the Ocean Cruising Club 2018/2019 Suzie Too Rally through the Western Caribbean. Includes provisioning tips, passage food recipes, local food recipes and more. Edited by Leanne Vogel.

During the rally from Curaçao to Belize, many life-long friendships were forged. The food and nibbles that have accompanied sundowners and meals aboard were an integral part of that process. Each and every one of these recipes have been successfully prepared in the limited space aboard a yacht. Provisioning in foreign ports can be a challenge at times; but it can also be very satisfying to find and experiment with new ingredients. The provisioning and tips section shares lessons that have been learnt the hard way.

OCC 60th Anniversary Cookery Book

In celebration of the 60 years we in the OCC have been caring for and feeding crew on the world's oceans, and following on from the Flying Fish series by the same name, we have compiled our members' favourite recipes to share among our friends. The result is a grand collection of recipes shared by OCC members from around the world for all to enjoy.

From the Galley of... includes well over 250 recipes that are regularly prepared on small sailing boats. Whether in distant lands where familiar ingredients are unavailable or in local harbours sharing potluck with fellow cruisers, this is a collection of recipes for cooking meals both underway and at anchor. They can, of course also all be prepared in a proper kitchen. Being 'boat recipes' they are by and large simple to cook, tasty, and nutritious.

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The Ocean Cruising Club, The First Fifty Years

It is important that the first 50 years of the Club's history should be recorded, as if it were not written now much would be lost. Our thanks go to past Commodore and Club Archivist, Tony Vasey, for researching, collating, recording and writing this publication, and also to Anne Hammick and her team for assisting with the editing. Finally, I would like to say a big thank you to an anonymous member whose generous donation has gone a long way towards covering the cost of this publication.

Much has changed since Humphrey Barton set sail in 1952. We only need to think of modern methods of communication, electronic navigational systems, reliable inboard diesel engines, high-tech protective clothing, sail handling, electronic and wind vane self-steering systems, together with the near doubling of the average size of boats crossing the oceans. It is interesting to speculate what the next 50 years may bring.

However, going to sea in a small boat is, in some ways, still as hazardous as it was 50 years ago, so perhaps not much has really changed during that time. Sailing is still the challenge and adventure which it has always been and hopefully will long remain. I trust that there will continue to be a need for the Ocean Cruising Club to provide worldwide friendship and support for ocean sailors, both past and present.

Books Written by OCC Members

Please send new additions or changes to secretary@oceancruisingclub.org

Cunnane, Jarlath Northabout, Sailing the North East and North West Passages Collins Press, Cork, published 2006 NE passage , completed in 2005 1-905172-23-0 Not in print but copies from northabout@gmail.com also via Amazon
De Grasse, Richard Haitian Relief CreateSpace Independent Publishing A Minnesota children's mission purchases a black wooden schooner in Miami, Florida, to deliver a load of children's supplies to an orphanage on the small island of Ile a Viche off the south coast of Haiti. They encounter pirates, drug dealers, Haitian bureaucracy and Haitian Voodoo. 10: 1494232529 13: 978-1494232528 Amazon.com
Eilgart, Arnold & Elstob, Peter The Flight of the Small World Quality Book Club (1955) The story of Colin Mudie's trans-Atlantic trip in a helium balloon which dropped midAtlantic to sail the rest of the way (Rosemary Mudie's qualifying passage). B000W2CLO4 www.amazon.co.uk
Heiney, PaulOcean SailingBloomsbury Publishing PLC (Adlard Coles Nautical), 2019This is the reassuring voice of the ocean sailing community. Your big adventure starts here. For many sailors, an ocean passage is the big dream. But many will worry that they don't have the right experience, that their boat isn't strong enough, or that it will be prohibitively expensive and difficult. Ocean Sailing will prepare you for an ocean passage by painting a picture of what ocean sailing is really like, through the experiences of others who have gone before. Topics covered range from safety to boat kit and preparations, budgeting to staying in touch with home, equipment breakdowns to health and weather. Members of three great cruising clubs - the Royal Cruising Club, Ocean Cruising Club, and the Cruising Club of America - share their vast wealth of experience, and by focusing on the practicalities of ocean sailing, allay the anxieties and doubts of prospective ocean cruisers to ensure a deeply satisfying ocean voyage.978-1-472-955-395https://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/ocean-sailing-9781472955388/
Juan CorradiThe Voyages of PirateSeapoint Books & Media55,000 Ocean miles on a classic Swan. http://seapointbooks.com/index.html
Lochhaas, Tom Suddenly Overboard: True Stories of Sailors in Fatal Trouble International Marine/McGraw-Hill 2013 Stories about sailors who experienced catastrophes when least expecting them and who were rescued, or who died, or who lived to tell the tale by good luck, making you think: “If these are the ways most sailors actually die, then what if I were in that situation?” 10: 0071803319 13: 9780071803311 Amazon.com
Lochhaas, Tom Intrepid Voyagers: Stories of the World’s Most Adventurous Salilors International Marine/McGraw-Hill 2003 The real-life adventures of fifteen legendary longdistance sailors--men and women who have sailed to the ends of the earth and returned to write about it. 10: 0071388834 13: 9780071388832 Amazon.com
McCormick, Herb As Long as It’s Fun, the Epic Voyages and Extraordinary Times of Lin and Larry Pardey (Kindle Edition) Paradise Cay Publications (January 20, 2014) 10 1929214987 13 978-19292214983 Amazon.com
Pickard, Steven Rambling Under Sail Self-published , Kindle. March 2011 The first 30 years boating experience, the triumph of hope over adversity. Tales of adventure, action and disaster with human nature put to its sternest test. ASIN: B00BU2CTCO www.amazon.co.uk
Ridgeway, John A Fighting Chance The story of 2 men rowing across the Atlantic
Ridgeway, John Amazon Journey Doubleday; 1st edition (1979) On his Amazon Journey in 1970, British adventurer Ridgeway visited an idyllic plantation, Osambre, deep in the Peruvian jungle and a seven-day walk from the nearest road. 13: 978-0385071529 www.amazon.co.uk
Shepton, Bob (Rev) Addicted to Adventure (paperback) Adlard Coles Including adventures, sailing, climbing, ski mountaineering over the years in many different places 10: 1472905865 13: 978-1472905864 Amazon.com
Shepton, Bob (Rev) High Latitude Sailing: How to sail the cold waters of the world (Kindle Edition) Explore North (May 16, 2014) ASIN: B00KDYK2FQ Amazon.com
Vallentine, John and Maters, Maxine Sailing through Russia. From the Arctic to the Black Sea Maters & Vallentine How the first foreign-flagged yacht sailed the Russian inland waterways from the Arctic to the Black Sea 978-1-5262-0258-1 www.sailinginrussia.org info@sailinginrussia.org