Ocean Cruising Club

To contact a Club Officer, in the first instance please contact the Club Secretary secretary@oceancruisingclub.org who will provide you with the relvant contact details. Please keep in mind that we are a global club with members in all parts of the world. Please take the time differences into account when contacting Committee Members.

Committee & Directors

OfficerCurrent Incumbent
Commodore / DirectorAnne Hammick
Vice Commodore / DirectorSimon Currin
Rear Commodore / DirectorDaria Blackwell
Rear Commodore / DirectorJenny Crickmore-Thompson
Treasurer / DirectorTim Bridgen
Company / Club SecretaryRachelle Turk
Administrative SupportEmily Winter
Commitee MemberEoin Robson
Commitee MemberCarol Dutton
Commitee MemberBill Balme
Commitee MemberPaul Furniss
Commitee MemberTed Laurentius
Commitee MemberFiona Jones
Commitee MemberZdenka Griswold
Chairman, Awards Sub-CommitteeFiona Jones
Chairman, Awards Sub-CommitteeEoin Robson
Chairman, Cruising Sub-CommitteeJenny Crickmore-Thompson
Chairman, Digital Communications & PR Sub-CommitteeDaria Blackwell
Chairman, Membership Sub-CommitteeSimon Currin
Chairman, Publications Sub-CommitteeAnne Hammick
Editor - Flying FishAnne Hammick
Editor - NewsletterJeremy Firth
Editor - e-BulletinTess Burke
Web EditorDaria Blackwell
Forum ModeratorBill Balme
Facebook ModeratorFrances Rennie
Advertising ManagerMike Downing
Roving RC Co-ordinatorTed Laurentius
Port Officer Co-ordinatorJenny Crickmore-Thompson
Youth Sponsorship ProgrammePaul Furniss
Mentoring ProgrammeCarol Dutton
Membership OmbudsmanFrances Rennie
HistorianBill McLaren
UK Social Fund AdministratorRachelle Turk
Regalia - UK & Rest of WorldRachelle Turk
Regalia - North AmericaGreta Gustavson

Regional and Roving Rear Commodores

OfficerCurrent Incumbent
Regional Rear Commodore - Australia NENick Halsey
Regional Rear Commodore - Australia SEPaul Furniss
Regional Rear Commodore - Australia SELynn Furniss
Regional Rear Commodore - Europe NWHans Hansell
Regional Rear Commodore - Great BritainChris Jones
Regional Rear Commodore - Great BritainFiona Jones
Regional Rear Commodore - IrelandAlex Blackwell
Regional Rear Commodore - West Coast North AmericaIan Grant
Regional Rear Commodore - California & Mexico (W)Rick Whiting
Regional Rear Commodore - USA NEDick Bentzel
Regional Rear Commodore - USA NEMoira Bentzel
Regional Rear Commodore - USA SELydia Strickland
Regional Rear Commodore - USA SEBill Strickland
Roving Rear CommodoreSimon Julien
Roving Rear CommodoreSuzanne Chappell
Roving Rear CommodoreSue Warman
Roving Rear CommodoreBob Howison
Roving Rear CommodorePamela MacBrayne
Roving Rear CommodoreDenis Moonan
Roving Rear CommodoreHilda Julien
Roving Rear CommodoreJonathan Lloyd
Roving Rear CommodoreJudy Howison
Roving Rear CommodoreKath McNulty
Roving Rear CommodoreLaurie Balme
Roving Rear CommodoreFranco Ferrero
Roving Rear CommodoreErnie Godshalk
Roving Rear CommodoreGrahame Brookes
Roving Rear CommodoreAndrew Curtain
Roving Rear CommodoreAnna Lloyd
Roving Rear CommodoreAndy Warman
Roving Rear CommodoreBill Balme
Roving Rear CommodoreDavid Bridges
Roving Rear CommodoreDavid Chappell