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Flying Fish, published twice a year, is the OCC's flagship publication containing inspirational articles about our members' adventures and cruising destinations around the world.

You may browse the article archive by Flying Fish edition and cruising area, or search it by keywords (e.g. article title, author name or place), using the dropdowns below. If browsing by edition you will be able to download a .pdf of the entire edition where one exists. Please note that we are still working on digitising past copies of Flying Fish and not all articles and editions are currently available in downloadable .pdf format.

Articles in Flying Fish 2016-2

Editorial  3
South Georgia: A Wild Paradise in the Southern Ocean Kath McNulty5
Gothenburg to Portsmouth with OCC Sponsorship Bex Band19
What do you do all day? Linda Lane Thornton28
What, Who, Where and When  35
Shimshal in the Arctic Simon & Sally Currin41
Nautical Cryptic Crossword Domini54
Sailboat to Grenada James Muggoch57
Gryphon II takes the Long Way Home Chris & Lorraine Marchant69
One Year On Bob & Elaine Hazell79
Book Review – Sailing Through Russia John Vallentine and Maxine Maters 93
Book Review - ’Round the World with Rosinante Jeremy Firth94
Book Review – Soloman: Alone At Sea With God And Social Security Jack van Ommen94
Book Review – Quickstart Circumnavigation Guide Captain Charlie and Cathy Simon 95
Book Review – Great Yacht Designs by Alfred Mylne 1921–1945 Ian Nicolson97
Book Review – Reeds Maritime Flag Handbook Miranda Delmar-Morgan 98
Book Review – The Pacific Crossing Guide Kitty van Hagen 99
Book Review – Heavy Weather Sailing Peter Bruce101
Book Review – A History of Sailing in 100 Objects Barry Pickthall102
The adventure continued... Clare Thorpe104
Around by Chance Phil & Norma Heaton117
An Azorean Adventure Owen Hewett132
Back to Greenland Matt Rutherford141
From the Galley of ... Sarah Southworth and Misty Fitch148
To Brittany with OCC Help and Hospitality Ernie Godshalk151
May the Ocean be Beautiful, Awesome and Kind... Linda Crew-Gee163
Cape Town to Cherbourg Jess Bentley175
From the Caribbean to Halifax and Back Ron Heyselaar182
Obituaries and Appreciations  196
Advertisers in Flying Fish  207