Ocean Cruising Club

The Ocean Cruising Club offers a one-on-one Mentoring Programme to Full and Associate Members to assist members seeking advice on ocean passages, adventuring in distant waters, and coastal cruising to unfamiliar areas.

The Programme

Advice on your first Ocean Passage
The primary purpose of the Mentoring Programme is to assist new Associate members who are about to embark upon their first ocean passage and help them with some of those unresolved questions that may hinder them from reaching their goal.

By connecting them with experienced and seasoned members, either in person or electronically, the Associates may soon feel confident to set sail on their qualifying passage.

However, the Programme is not restricted to new Associate members. Any OCC member needing advice, whether that be on crossing an ocean or sailing to new waters closer to home, is welcome to avail themselves of the Programme.

Participating in the Programme

  • More details of the Programme and how to participate in it, either as a mentor or a mentee, can be downloaded here.
  • If you are not yet a member of the OCC you will to apply for membership first which you can do to online here.
  • If you are seeking a crew berth to gain experience or to complete your qualifying passage, or if you have a berth to offer to a crewmember, please use the OCC Forum Crew Needed and Crewing Positions Wanted. This is the fastest way to advertise your needs to members.