OCC Members' Photos 2021

Sailors during a 50 kt storm in the Azores -- (c) Tom Wikman
To my sailor brethren, I’d like to share two pictures. Here’s a little bit of history…. About the gr
About the Barnacles
We spend thousands of dollars removing barnacles from the bottom of our boat. In Azores, “Cracas” is
Gathering in Dominican Republic
Michael Donovan and Denise Simpson (Port Officers in Luperon) with Lynne and Alan on SV Stralsund an
LUPERON Happy Hour
Great happy hour evening (every Thursday from 5 - 7 pm) at Puerto Blanco Marina last night where we
Puerto Blanco Marina
LUPERON Great happy hour evening (every Thursday from 5 - 7 pm) last night where we met fellow Ocean
(c) Denise Simpson, PO
Cyclone damage in Fiji
(c) Sea Mercy
Destruction on Kia Island Fiji
(c) Sea Mercy
Sea Mercy Fleet in Fiji
(c) Sea Mercy
Friends of Rio Dulce
Cruisers helping in the recovery effort
POR Jesse James in Trinidad & Tobago
Loading relief supplies for St Vincent
Basic necessities for St Vincent
(c) Jesse James
Van loaded and taking supplies to container
(c) Jesse James
Container being loaded
(c) Jesse James
La Soufriere volcano St Vincent
Ash covering much of the island of St Vincent
New Crater in La Soufriere
La Soufriere exploding again
OCC group in Curaçao
Organised by PO Victor Langerwerf... The ‘blue dish’ diner event in Curaçao last evening brought ma
OCC group in Curacao
OCC Group in Curacao
Dinner table
OCC Group in Curacao
The food
OCC event in Curacao
Flying Fish burgee