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10 Feb 2017   The OCC Announces Award Recipients for 2016

23 Aug 2016    Illustrated Lectures by Ocean Cruising Club Members at the Southampton Boat Show

16 Feb 2016    The OCC Announces Award Recipients for 2015 - Updated

10 Feb 2016    The OCC Announces Award Recipients for 2015 

      • For more details on the recipients, please click here

11 Jan 2016    The OCC Announces Sid & Rebecca Shaw as Recipients of the 2015 Vertue Award

02 Jan 2016    Piracy reported in the Caribbean in the closing days of 2015

08 Jun 2015    Schengen Cruisers Survey Needs your Input

25 May 2015    New e-Residence Application System in the Republic of Turkey

31 Mar 2015    Jon Sanders and Les Powles Elected Honorary Members of the Ocean Cruising Club

17 Mar 2015    Sailors band together to get cyclone relief to stricken Pacific islanders

09 Jan 2015    The OCC Announces Award Recipients for 2014 

02 Jan 2015    The OCC hosts lecture on Feral Cities and Piracy

09 Sep 2014    The Ocean Cruising Club's 60th Anniversary a Global Success 

04 Sep 2014    Peter McCrea is First Recipient of the New OCC Vertue Award

17 Mar 2014    The OCC Publishes 60th Anniversary Cookery Book

 05 Mar 2014    The OCC Announces New Endurance Award and Winner Colin Jarman

 10 Jan 2014    The OCC Awards for 2013 Announced in London

 18 Oct 2013    Working Group Warning on Piracy in the Indian Ocean 

 01 Oct 2013    The OCC Announces Cooperative Programme with SeaBC 

      • Photo: Arctic skua attacks lesser black-backed gull. Rights: (c) C. Speedie/Wave Action. 
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 08 Jul 2013     The OCC Welcomes Jeanne Socrates with Special Recognition

      •  Photo: Jeanne Socrates Receives the OCC Award of Special Recognition   

 14 Jun 2013    Jeanne Socrates Arriving in Victoria

 09 May 2013    Gerry Hughes Receives Special Recognition 

      •  Photos: Gerry Hughes Honoured by the OCC on Arrival in Scotland

 02 Apr 2013    The OCC Announces Youth Blue Water Sailing Programme

 31 Jan 2013    Matt Rutherford Receives Special Recognition

 18 Jan 2013    The Ocean Cruising Club 2012 Awards Announced 

 Jan 2012         The Ocean Cruising Club 2011 Awards Announced