OCC online networks are thriving

OCC online networks are thriving

OCC Members are highly active across the Club’s online networks and building a strong cruising community.

By - 16/12/2019

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The OCC Members’ Forum is alive with conversations about cruising in different parts of the world, seamanship, systems and maintenance, and cruising lifestyle. It is a great place to begin OCC Mentoring with one of the many experienced and knowledgeable Members who regularly post. Members can also share information about the services that they provide.

On Facebook, the starting point for chat and news is the Ocean Cruising Club Members page where topics of interest are posted and which hosts the various Facebook groups.

The OCC News & Events page is fed directly from the OCC website.

These two pages are open to the public so it is important to be aware of this. Conversations between OCC Members only are mainly in the various Facebook groups.

The OCC Members group sees daily activity of information sharing, activity reporting, and expressing opinions; around a third of Members have joined, so it is very busy; and, although not shy of controversy, Members’ posts are respectful and polite; regular competitions also allow Members to demonstrate their photography skills.

The three ocean passage groups provide opportunities to get advice and share information on specific routes and destinations:
• OCC Caribbean Bound
• OCC Atlantic Crossing West to East
• OCC Pacific Crossing

For cruisers in the Caribbean without SSB radio, Members keep in touch via OCC Caribbean Net+ group.

OCC Treasure Chest group enables Members to sell or exchange sailing items.

OCC Facebook groups can be joined by OCC Members and Port Officer Representatives - simply go to the group you wish to join and click on “Join Group”.

Instagram enables Members to feature photos from their mobile devices by emailing to instagram@oceancruisingclub.org with a brief description of the photo or messaging to the OCC Instagram account.

On Twitter, OCC news and events appear along with relevant retweets and feeds from members, influential blue water sailors, ocean sailing organisations and OCC partners.

So, there are plenty of opportunities to join OCC Members’ lively conversations and be part of our highly active online Club.

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