Report from RRC NW North America, Ian Grant

Report from RRC NW North America, Ian Grant

Not a huge amount to report from BC and the rest of the Northern West Coast of North America.

By Ian Grant - 09/06/2019

The cruise in company to Alaska got away slightly later than planned, but judging by the email reports and photos coming in, they are having a great time. Boats participating included CHANTEY V (Daragh Nagle, PO for Victoria, and Catherine) NIMUE, Michael and Anne Hartshorn (organisers), MERLIN, Michael and Catharine Whitby and TANGO, Steve and Vicky Austin. Tony and Coryn Gooch on NORDIC SAGA met up with CASTAWAY, Dick and Cathy Petrait just N of the Broughton Islands, and I understand they may be planning to meet up somewhere near Hoonah for a final get-together!

The other news is that, at the time of writing, Jeanne Socrates on NEREIDA has turned North round the SE end of New Zealand and has yet to make her way from there back to Victoria BC to complete her attempt to become the oldest person to do a solo unsupported circumnavigation. After her big knockdown on the SW side of New Zealand, she has moored to do repairs but has no contact with the shore. I sent her a message from all OCC members in my area saying we were with her and supporting her as she puts the boat together again and keeps on with her passage.

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