News from Hans Hansell, RRC NE Europe

News from Hans Hansell, RRC NE Europe

Here in Scandinavia the boating season has just started and we are in the process of re-launching our yachts.

By Hans Hansell - 07/06/2019

I am preparing for my cruise-in-company to Estonia, Finland and Gulf of Bothnia. Several members/yachts have made inquiries about the trip and I expect to see some members in Stockholm beginning July. However, I do not think they will accompany me for more than a leg or so since the whole cruise will be for two months.

Member Ernie Godshalk, who also is Post Captain in New York for the Nordic royal clubs (NJK, KSSS, KDY and KNK), is organizing a rally in the Stockholm archipelago for the end of June. I expect him to arrive soon in Stockholm for the preparations and we will get together.

Our Port Officer in Stockholm, Micke Westin, has just returned from a stint in the West Indies. Since he is also a publication expert, I have asked him to help me develop a little leaflet about sailing in the region.

I travelled to Finland in March to meet our Port Officers and, similarly, I am now travelling to Norway mid-June to visit our Port Officers there. I will start in Stavanger and work myself up the coast.

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