Report from Bill and Lydia Strickland, RRCs SE USA

Report from Bill and Lydia Strickland, RRCs SE USA

A short report on some of our local Port Officers and upcoming events...

By Bill & Lydia Strickland - 07/06/2019

Ft. Pierce, FL- Jason Lewis has been away and was not contacted by any boats during that time. He did meet a Norwegian-flagged boat in the islands, that will be spending time in Florida after the hurricane season. Jason is helping to find docking options for them.

Beaufort, SC- Sea Wind (Sweden) visited Allan and Cathy Rae. They had a wonderful time.

Hilton Head, SC- Harvey Geiger then hosted Sea Wind for two nights. They consumed LOTS of wine and had a grand time together.

Beaufort, NC- Dianne Tetreault is back from her trip to Peru and the Galapagos and is once again very busy with visiting yachts. Three boats left yesterday, bound for the Chesapeake and a new wave has already come in.

Deltaville/Mathews, VA- Chris and BIll Burry had Southern Cross and Chapter Two for visits on their dock. They are expecting a land visit by the Hibberd’s of the UK in late June, while their boat is in Rio Dulce.

Reedville, VA- Walt Keith and Mary Frazer have had Neal and Ley Langford for an extended visit, and Ed and Sue Kelly on Angel Louise were there for a couple of nights. They have also hosted boats with other organizations.

St. Michaels, MD- Mark Pellerin hosted Zwailer for dinner last week. The Kingsnorth’s had a very positive post on the FB page about their hospitality. Mark is also working with the Engelskirchen’s and the cruise leaders, Patty Moss and Peter Farkas for the start of the upcoming Upper Chesapeake Cruise-In-Company in St. Michaels.

Annapolis, MD- Westbrook Murphy hosted Chapter Two (UK) on his dock for 6 days in April and the Harry’s of California are coming for 2 weeks in late June.

Presently, there are 16 boats registered for the June Cruise-in-Company. Seven of these boats are foreign-flagged. We are welcoming two Swedish boats this year, the first in a while now.

Strickland Wharf stays pretty busy on the Corrotoman River. We have had 5 boats to visit thus far and expect more to stop in on their way north.

We have Pete Goss lined up to speak at the Fall Dinner in Annapolis on 9 October! We are also continuing work on the AGM for 18 April 2020 in Annapolis.

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