"Mañana" - 1991 Taswell 49

"Mañana" - 1991 Taswell 49

Lying Southern Italy, heading for Hvar, Croatia. EUR 249,000 (EU vat paid)

By Asbjørn Ellingsen - 02/05/2019

The Taswell 49 was built in two versions. This is the All-Season version with the full deck saloon. Where many yachts claim to be a deck saloon yacht, they are often not. Fitting just bigger windows does not make a deck saloon. Ta Shing has been building boats since the late 1970s and is considered to be one of the higher-quality boat builders in the world. The Taswell is also both fast and seaworthy. Taswells are fantastic offshore boats and can be found cruising all over the world.

See below attachment for full specifications.

Asbjørn Ellingsen: ae@ellprosjekt.no

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