The OCC AGM at Plas Menai in Wales

The OCC AGM at Plas Menai in Wales

Commodore Anne Hammick's year end report and the Treasurer's Report were submitted and approved, and all nominated candidates were elected.

By Daria Blackwell - 11/04/2019

As members were credentialed and cast their votes, a looped presentation about the award winners was shown on overhead screens. The presentation can be viewed by following the link below.

In a brief but informative AGM session, attendees learned from outgoing Commodore Anne Hammick that membership is increasing at a healthy rate, the finances of the club are sound, and the membership is very active around the world. The new OCC Flag Officers elected include:

o Simon Currin, Commodore
o Daria Blackwell, Vice Commodore
o Paul Furniss, Vice Commodore
o Zdenka Griswold, Rear Commodore

Jenny Crickmore-Thompson continues in her term as Rear Commodore and Tim Bridgen continues as Treasurer.

New General Committee members elected include:
o Baxter Gillespie
o Phil Heaton

Congratulations to all.

After the Officer Burgees were awarded to the newly elected members, newly elected Commodore Simon Currin led a discussion about a proposal to fund a new initiative to apply some of the Club's surplus finances. A detailed proposal reflecting the input received from members attending the AGM will shortly be circulated to all members.

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