What's new and hot on the OCC Forum?

What's new and hot on the OCC Forum?

We need your input on overwintering boats under different conditions. Lively discussions are underway. Why not join in?

By Daria Blackwell - 15/01/2019

o Overwintering A Boat That Will Be Unattended
o Question about Caribbean insurance and storage
o Ilhabela, Brazil Update posted on behalf of POR Omar 'Wetdoc' Sanchez
o What is a galvanic isolation transformer and what does it do?
o Looking For Nice Crewlady To Sail Pacific 03-19
o Key Attitudes In Passage-Making
o Best Practices in Boat Management While Underway
o Halyard/Shackle Connection
o Hurricane Reflections And Survival
o Sea Sickness (Update)
o Offshore/Ocean Medical Kit (Update)
o Refrigeration
o Southern New England (recommended anchorages)

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