RoRC Report from Bill and Laurie Balme

RoRC Report from Bill and Laurie Balme

Toodle-oo! will be exploring the Atlantic Islands for a time...

By Bill & Laurie Balme - 17/07/2018

Toodle-oo! Participated in the Azores Pursuit Rally, arriving very (2 weeks!) early – so as to ensure we didn’t miss the party! It was a great event and we got to meet some new and very interesting OCC friends. We also made it to the top of Pico’s Volcano and enjoyed perfect sunshine with tremendous views – but paid for it the following week with sore legs!

Our plans have been thrown all over the place – multiple times – and after an iteration that had us heading up to the Outer Hebrides, we’ve now settled on remaining in the fabulous Azores for a month while Laurie goes in search of Portuguese citizenship!

The latest plan is to head down to Maderia and possibly by way of Morocco to the Canaries, where we’ll spend the winter months cruising around. These are all new spots for us so we’re looking forward to exploring the islands, climbing as many peaks as we’re able – and to meeting a new crowd of OCC friends. We look forward to seeing you out there.

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