Scottish Open House Welcomes OCC Guests from Far and Wide

Scottish Open House Welcomes OCC Guests from Far and Wide

Vice Commodore Simon Currin and Sally hosted a delightful weekend get together at Traighuaine.

By VC Simon Currin - 22/05/2018

Sunshine and sea breezes tempted the crews of eight boats north to our early season rendezvous in Scotland for the third OCC West Coast Open House weekend. The Argyll weather though is fickle and, by the time the Sunday BBQ was lit, the views were lost in the Scotch mist that waters the bluebell woods and awakens the midges.

A thoroughly British BBQ was eventually coaxed into life despite the moisture and then the chefs set to work whilst sheltering under the porch. Meanwhile the attendees were swelled to 31 by road arrivals.

Fantastic food fed a delightfully diverse crowd. Young cruisers with kids and dogs. Some living the dream and working on board between adventures on the ocean and in the mountains. Others were blending flexible shore jobs with extended cruising on the opposite side of the world. Some had moved ashore after a couple of decades afloat and one or two had sold their boats but still wanted to hear salty tales and renew old friendships.

All were beguiled by Bob Shepton’s inspirational account of his recent exploits in the Southern Ocean where he had to cope not only with the customary storms but also with the bells and whistles aboard a state of the art expedition yacht. A far cry from his faithful Dodo’s Delight. His antics never fail to enthral and entertain.

Bob neatly avoided revealing his exact age but others present demonstrated that age is no barrier to adventure. Several of the more senior members present have many thousands of ocean miles planned for this summer.

In the evening the wind died away and the crews returned to their boats enthused by an intense weekend of socialising with friends old and new.

We had been a little intimidated by the prospect of hosting a Scottish BBQ for a fleet of three Australian, two American and three British boats as well as a crowd ranging in age from 1 to 80+ years. A little Scotch mist, a blustery wind, a handful of midges and an international fleet of flying fish are all that is required to make the conversation flow and whet the appetite for the coming season. Sunshine and sand proved unnecessary ingredients.

Photos are posted in the OCC Gallery Social pages and can be accessed using the link below.

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