RoRC Report - The Mediterranean

RoRC Report - The Mediterranean

The Med is just coming alive and preparations for cruising are underway

By RoRCs David and Juliet Fosh - 19/04/2018

Licata in Sicily is coming to life for the new season and we are now preparing for our visit to Malta and Tunisia. We entertained some OCC members on board 'Reflections' and hope to recruit four Americans to the OCC. We look forward to meeting other OCC members this summer.

Cation for photo:
David and Juliet Fosh with Bria and Sue Dracott entertaining four America potential members on board Reflections in Licata Marina in Sicily
starting from left are David Fosh, OCC RRC from Reflections. Then Brian Wallace and Sue Dracott, both OCC from Darramy. Then Robin and Robert Araujo of American yacht Windarra. Then Marcia, Americian, from Wanderlust. Then Juliet Fosh, OCC RRC. Then Damon, Marcia’ husband

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