The OCC Mentoring Programme - Not just for Associates!

 The OCC Mentoring Programme - Not just for Associates!

Are you planning a challenging voyage? Would it be helpful to talk to someone who's "been there"? This unique programme is open to all members...

By Daria Blackwell - 01/04/2019

Mentors help Associates prepare for their qualifying ocean passages, enabling them to become Full Members, and mentors also advise other members about their voyaging and cruising plans. Communication is usually by email or Skype, and as long as the mentor and mentee have an Internet connection, they can be anywhere in the world.

Although we’ve added new mentors to the list in recent months, we want more volunteers to broaden the geographic areas and expertise database. If you are scaling back your cruising activities, then this is a great way to stay in touch with other cruisers and assist them in fulfilling their dreams. Share your knowledge and expertise. Give back and get back even more!

If you are seeking a crew berth to gain experience or to complete your qualifying passage, or if you have a berth to offer to a crew member, please use the OCC Forum ‘Crew Needed and Crewing Positions'. That’s the fastest way to advertise your needs to the members.

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