Work begins in Dominica

Work begins in Dominica

All the OCC boats got right to it today making repairs and improvements to the PAYS pavilion and dock.

By Bill Balme - 07/12/2017

There was a really nice cooperation going on between cruisers and islanders – all messing in to help.

- The PAYS dock is now fully functional.

- The kitchen area has its foundation poured – and it’s planned to be ready for Christmas Eve’s bash!

- Moorings have been located for repair.

Tomorrow: More of the same!

It would be really helpful if any boats coming to Portsmouth to assist could look at bringing some ¾” mooring chain for the moorings that they are working on.

There are no doubt a bunch of OCC members arriving with the ARC in St. Lucia – perhaps some will feel inclined to join the effort in Portsmouth.

On Friday we’ll be distributing the aid that various boats have brought with them – to schools, medical centers, PAYS and individuals in need…

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