There are two categories of membership:  Full and Associate. To become a Full Member of the OCC you have to have completed a qualifying passage as defined in the following:

  • Qualifying Passage: 

    A Full Member of the OCC must have completed a non-stop ocean passage between two ports, where the distance between the ports is not less than 1,000 nautical miles measured by the shortest practical Great Circle route, as skipper or member of the crew in a vessel of not more than 70ft (21.3 m) LOA. 

The requirement to be an Associate Member is a clear commitment to achieve the Qualifying Passage in a realistic and reasonable time-scale.  The time allowed is at the discretion of the General Committee and shall take account of all the circumstances of each individual applicant, but it shall not normally exceed 3 years. 

In either case, you should be proposed by a Full Member of the OCC; an application will also be considered by the Committee if supported by a letter from some person of standing, such as a Flag Officer of a recognised Yacht Club.


Membership Application Form

You can apply to join the OCC by completing an online membership application form

To review OCC Membership Policies, please visit this page


Annual Subscription Rates and Joining Fee

There is a joining fee £50.00 (free for those under 30). The Annual Subscription Rate is £55.00 with reductions for various categories. A more detailed list of joining fees and first year subscription rates is available here.

Subscriptions are due annually on the 1st of February. A member who submits an application after October 1st shall not be required to pay a further Annual Subscription for the following year.


Benefits of Membership

To learn about the many tangible and intangible benefits of membership, please view the downloadable summary pdf here or visit this page to learn more


Mentoring Programme

"When contemplating our forthcoming circumnavigation we were very kindly introduced to the OCC by a senior member to the club and its marvellous mentoring scheme. It has been  a huge benefit. We were very fortunate in having previous circumnavigators appointed as our mentors.  They were brilliant and fielded our unremitting questions for a whole day. Their immense knowledge has proved to be invaluable."

– Jonathan Lloyd  
[Mr Lloyd gave permission for his words to be used in OCC publicity]


As an Associate Member you may ask to join the Mentoring Programme which will match you with a Member who will be able to answer the questions you still have after reading all the books, attending all the seminars and researching all the web sites.  The Mentoring Programme is also open to Full Members who may be embarking on an ambitious voyage and wish to connect with other members who have already done it or have insights that may be helpful. 


OCC Youth Sponsorship Programme

As a young sailor you may qualify for the OCC Youth Sponsorship Programme which will pay a large part of the costs of a qualifying ocean passage and help you find a skipper and a yacht.