Videos about and by OCC members

Please Note: Most of these videos reside on YouTube and other outside sites. 

Past Commodore Bill McLaren on 'What is so great about the Ocean Cruising Club.'

OCC McLaren Video













Ocean Cruising Club Youth Sponsorship Programme

OCC Youth Sponsorship Video



 OCC Blues Video


Hear member Ju Ronnie belt out the Ocean Cruising Club Blues at
the Southern New England Rally in 2015



Watch and listen to the Rev. Bob Shepton and the Wild Bunch
about their adventures in Greenland and Baffin in 2014.



Read the review in Cruising World Jan 2015.

Watch the trailer on vimeo.



Ben and Teresa Carey's Feature Movie, One Simple Question, Feb 2015


 OCC 60th Anniversary Rally in Barkley Sound, Vancouver, British Columbia













CBS NY Television interview with Jeanne Socrates about her solo non-stop circumnavigation


Vertical Sailing Greenland - The Series with Bob Shepton (Playlist)

Episode 1 The Road to Greenland

Episode 2 Impossible Wall

Episode 3 Never Say Never


Member Drake Roberts. A Greenland adventure. 

More videos from Drake Roberts: Cruisers Voyaging the World


Member Dan Alonso of s/v Halcyon just having fun Newport to Bermuda



Ed & Sue Kelly s/v Angel Louise & A Different Kind of Circumnavigation 




Daria & Alex Blackwell's short (6 min) excerpt on anchoring 

(1-hour anchoring presentation delivered to the SSCA Gam in Melbourne Florida Nov 2014)


Remarkable Half-Safe amphibious jeep segment on ABC TV and its history after OCC.


 David Tyler's short video about the junk rig.



Non-member sailing videos

Joshua Slocum's Voyage on Google Earth (YouTube Video)

NYT Documentary Strangers at Sea about double-handed Atlantic crossing in NY to Barcelona Race 

Just another day at the office | Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15

Maidentrip (2014) Official Trailer - Laura Dekker - Dir. Jillian Schlesinger 

Twenty Eight Feet: life on a little wooden boat by kevinAfraser on Vimeo.

Joshua Slocum: New World Columbus 45-minute documentary on YouTube.