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Annual OCC Awards Process 

Through our Annual Awards, the OCC recognises exceptional sailing achievement inside and outside the Club. The OCC Awards are presented to recipients at the time of the AGM and associate Annual Dinner in late March/early April. Nominations for outstanding achievements by blue water sailors in the categories as listed below may be submitted only by OCC members, although suggestions for consideration may be submitted by non-members. Selections are made by the OCC Awards Sub-Committee and approved by the Committee and Board.  

 Press Release Announcement 2016 OCC Award Winners

Full details about 2016 OCC Award Winners


Presentation (9mb pdf) about 2016 Award Winners

Presentation (5mb pdf) about 2015 Award Winners

Presentation (9mb pdf) about 2014 Award Winners

Presentation (8mb pdf) about 2013 Award Winners

Presentation (8.5 mb pdf) about 2012 Award Winners


2017 Nomination Form

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Who can make a nomination?   Only a Full member.

Who can you nominate?   Any member for an award which is specifically for members only, and/or anyone for an award which is also open to the sailing community or public at large.

What can you nominate for?   Any of the 13 awards in the first section below, but not the David Wallis Trophy, Australian Trophy or the Vertue Award.  Before making a nomination please read through the award definitions carefully and check previous winners.  It may save both you and the judges the embarrassment of your nominating someone in the wrong category.

What are the basic rules?    The voyage or other achievement for which the nomination is being made must have finished no more than 18 months before nominations close on 30th of December.  When the award is for members only, the nominee must already have been a member (Full or Associate) when he/she did whatever the nomination is being made for (with the exception of the Qualifier's Mug).


Award Summaries 


The BARTON CUP: first awarded 1981 (members only) - Presented by founder Hum Barton's adult children, twins Peter Barton and Pat Pocock, the base of this handsome two-handed cup displays a Commodore's burgee, taken from a brooch owned by their mother, Jessie Barton.  It is the Clubs premier award and recognises the most challenging voyage made by a member or members.



The OCC AWARD OF MERIT: first awarded 1987 (open to all) - One or more awards, open to members or non-members who have performed some outstanding voyage or achievement.



The OCC SEAMANSHIP AWARD: first awarded 2013 (open to all) - Donated by Past Commodore John Franklin, this award recognises outstanding feats of personal bravery at sea or exceptional acts of seamanship.



The JESTER MEDAL: first awarded 2006 (open to all) - Donated by the Jester Trust as a way to perpetuate the spirit and ideals epitomised by Blondie Hasler and Mike Richey aboard Jester, the Jester Medal is awarded to a member or non-member who has achieved a noteworthy single-handed voyage in a vessel of 30ft or less overall, or an outstanding contribution to the art of single-handed sailing.



The OCC AWARD: first awarded 1960 (members and Port Officer Representatives only) - Awarded to the member or members who has/have done most to foster and encourage ocean cruising in yachts or other small craft and the practice of seamanship and navigation in all branches.  This may include any invention, report, idea or action which is intended to promote the objects of the Club.



The VASEY VASE: first awarded 1997 (members only) - Presented by past Commodore Tony Vasey and his wife Jill, this vase with an Indian military history is awarded for a voyage of an unusual or exploratory nature made by a Club member or members.



The ROSE MEDAL: first awarded 1984 (members only) Named in honour of founder Hum Barton's yacht Rose Rambler, the Rose Medal is awarded for the most challenging short-handed voyage made by a member or members. (NB: short-handed is normally defined as single- or double-handed).



The GEOFF PACK MEMORIAL AWARD: first awarded 1997 (open to all) - Donated by IPC Magazines in memory of Geoff Pack, who at the time of his early death was Editor of Yachting Monthly and OCC Rear Commodore, this award goes to the person (member or non-member) who, by their writing in print or online, has done most to foster and encourage ocean cruising in yachts or other small craft.



The WATER MUSIC TROPHY: first awarded 1986 (members only) Presented by past Commodore John Foot and named after his succession of yachts all called Water Music, this set of meteorological instruments set into a wooden cube is awarded to the member or members who has/have contributed most to the Club by way of providing cruising, navigation or pilotage information.



The RAMBLER MEDAL: first awarded 1990 (members only) - Also named after founder Hum Barton's yacht Rose Rambler, the Rambler Medal is awarded for the most challenging short voyage (within three weeks and under 1000nm) made by a member or members.  This may form one section of a longer voyage.





The QUALIFIER'S MUG: first awarded 1993 (members only) - Presented by Admiral (then Commodore) Mary Barton for the most ambitious or arduous qualifying voyage by a new member or members, as submitted for publication in Flying Fish or the Newsletter



The OCC PORT OFFICER MEDAL: first awarded 2008 (open to OCC Port Officers and Port Officer Representatives only) - Introduced at the suggestion of Rear Commodore Mark Holbrook, this medal is awarded to one or more Port Officers or Port Officer Representatives who has/have provided outstanding service to the Club and the wider sailing community by developing and promoting their port, harbour or locality.



The ENDURANCE AWARD: first awarded 2007 (members only) - Created by Fred & Annie Hallett, then Rear Commodore USA South East, the Endurance Award recognises those who have demonstrated indomitable spirit and perseverance in the face of adversity, going or returning to sea despite obstacles which would have made those with less devotion to sailing remain ashore.



Awards not open for general nomination:

The DAVID WALLIS TROPHY: first awarded 1991 - Presented by the family of David Wallis, Editor of Flying Fish from 1964 until 1990, this silver salver is awarded for 'the most outstanding, valuable or enjoyable contribution to Flying Fish'.  In accordance with the donors' wishes, the winner is selected by the Editorial Sub-Committee.



The AUSTRALIAN TROPHY: first awarded 1990 - Presented by Sid Jaffe, twice Rear Commodore Australia, this trophy, carved from a solid piece of teak by Wally Brandis, is awarded for a voyage made by an Australian member or members which starts or finishes in Australia.  The winner is decided by vote of the Australian membership.



The VERTUE AWARD: first awarded 2014 - Awarded to the member or members in North America who best epitomises the spirit of founder Hum Barton through sailing achievements or service to the Club and cruising community.  The winner is decided by the North American Regional Rear Commodores.



OCC Awards


Special OCC Awards - Given in recognition of outstanding feats in the world of sailing:

Special awards were made in 2013 to honour Gerry Hughes and Jeanne Socrates on truly remarkable accomplishments: Gerry having circumnavigated solo as a deaf man and Jeanne solo non-stop as the oldest woman.

A Special Award was made in 2011 to Matt Rutherford, on completion of his astounding 309 day, 27,077 nm solo non-stop circumnavigation of the Americas in his 27ft Albin Vega St Brendan to raise money for CRAB, a nonprofit sailing program for people with disabilities.