A Vision for the Future

The Ocean Cruising Club is an international club for blue water cruisers administered from the UK. The distinctive blue and yellow burgee with a stylized Flying Fish is a welcome and respected sight in any anchorage. Founded in 1954 by the late Humphrey Barton, the Club known affectionately as the OCC exists to promote long-distance cruising in all its forms. It has no premises, regarding the oceans of the world as its clubhouse. However, it enjoys visitors' rights with a number of major clubs world-wide.

OCC Newfoundland Rally Participants. Photo (c) copyright by John van-Schalkwyk. All rights reserved.

Membership is about what the applicant has done, rather than who he or she is. The sole qualification for membership is the completion of a non-stop ocean passage between two ports, where the distance between the ports is not less than 1,000 nautical miles measured by the shortest practical Great Circle route, as skipper or member of the crew in a vessel of not more than 70ft (21.3 m) LOA. 

The Ocean Cruising Club maintains an active and vibrant network of over 200 Port Officers worldwide to assist members in their undertakings, and also has a number of Roving Rear Commodores worldwide tasked to "fly the flag" as well as Regional Rear Commodores to cover various geographic areas.

The journal ‘Flying Fish’ is published twice a year, together with a quarterly newsletter and an electronic e-bulletin, and the OCC has an active Facebook presence. The Club runs a website which contains much worthwhile information and material covering first hand experiences of cruisers over most of the navigable waters of the globe. It also includes the archive of the journal 'Flying Fish' since 1991.

To draw members together, the OCC organises a number of cruises, rallies and get togethers in different areas of the world: these are much appreciated by members and a great place to meet like-minded people.

In November 2012, the Strategy Team outlined A Vision for the Future, an attempt to define the Ocean Cruising Club: it is a valuable document outlining who we are and what we stand for. It is a great Club!