Almería, Spain

36° 49' N 2° 27' W

Submitted by David Allen Lane - S/Y AT FIRST SIGHT - 30/01/2020

Name: Almería
State: Comunidad de Andalucía, Capital of Almería Province
Latitude of Port: 36 49.870 N
Longitude of Port: 002 27.720 W
Time Zone: Central European Time (UTC +1)
Primary Language Used: Spanish (English speakers are easily found.)
Nearest Port of Entry: Almería is a port of entry.
• Take passports and vessel documents to the National Police (not the Port Police) in the commercial port, immediately adjacent to Puerto Deportivo yacht harbor.
Major Attractions for Cruising Yachts:
• Almería is a fantastic destination for tourists and Spanish alike, and the Puerto Deportivo is adjacent the town center.
• Don’t miss the Alcazaba, the citadel built during the Muslim occupation of Spain, roughly 710-1492 AD, or the nearby waterfront esplanade.
• Also, the popular yacht port of Almerimar is 4-5km west of the town.
• Club de Mar de Almería serves as host in the Puerto Deportivo.
o Web:
o Email:
o Address: Playa de las Almadrabillas s/n, 04007 Almería
o This is a private club friendly to visitors; however, transient slip spaces are limited, especially in summer.
o Rates vary by length, beam, and season. In 2019 a 12m monohull cost €12/day in low season and €23/day in high season. A 15m monohull cost €17/day and €30/day, respectively, for low and high season.
Formal Requirements for Yachts Entering/Departing
When arriving from within country: Take passports and vessel documents to the National Police office.
When arriving from another country: Take passports and vessel documents to the National Police office.
Departure Requirements: None.

Officials: Location and requirements
Immigration: Most immigration matters can be taken care of by the National Police.
Customs: Check with National Police
Harbormaster: Check in at Club de Mar reception desk with passports, boat documents, and proof of insurance. Marina office is open from 0700-2300 daily. The marina monitors channel 16, and conducts business on channel
Health Authorities: Unknown.
Police (other than immigration): Port Police and Local Police offices are at/near the port.
Attitude of Officials to visiting Cruisers: Everyone we met was friendly, professional, and helpful, including national, local, and port police. Club de Mar officials were friendly enough, but it’s clear that most club services and facilities are reserved for club members.
Berthing and Hauling Options
• Mooring field options: No visible mooring field.
• Anchorage options: There is an anchorage just to the east of the marina breakwater. It appeared to be well protected from wind and swell from most directions, except the south or southwest.
Yacht Club facilities available to Cruisers: Restrooms, showers are free to cruisers. The club pool and tavern are available for use upon payment of a cover fee of €10 per person per day.
Hauling options and shipyard trades available: Not thoroughly researched, but it looks like a substantial marine trades marketplace exists in the port area.
Municipal dockage: One or two spots available for day use only.

Informational Resources
Helpful websites and Dates Bulletin Letters:
Useful cruising guides (Incl Publisher website, best purchase sources):
• eBook: “MEDITERRANEAN SPAIN Strait of Gibraltar to the French Border,” First Combined Edition, Imray, RCC Pilotage Foundation. Available from Google Play.
Recommended sailing directions Charts, other govt. pubs: Imray M10, M11
SSB & VHF Nets Serving the area: Marina monitors VHF channels 16 and 9.

Locations & Availability: Other Facilities and Services
Potable water (quality and access): €5.20 deposit + reasonable unmetered use
Fuel (diesel and gasoline): Available in the adjacent commercial port.
Electricity: €15 refundable deposit less 0.58 €/kw consumed
LPG (propane and/or butane): Chandlery Sources: Unknown.
Recommended Marine Vendors (Sail loft rigger etc): A small chandlery is in the yacht harbor and a larger (and less expensive) “efectos navales” chandlery is in downtown Almería.
Bank and Cash Machine Services: Shops and Markets: Plentiful. A large well-stocked supermarket is just a few steps from the entrance to the Puerto Deportivo yacht harbor.
Postal Services (availability and reliability): Yes.
Hotels and Restaurants (suitable for visitors and new crew): Many.
Internet Facilities (to include WiFi access): Free wireless WiFi in the Puerto Deportivo yacht harbor.
Phone Options (mobile/cell and landline): +34 950 230 780 / 599
Unlike Almerimar, 4-5km to the west of town, Puerto Deportivo Almería and Club de Mar are a few short steps from the action center of the city of Almería. Everyone is friendly and welcoming, but be advised that dock space is probably limited in the marina during the high season. An anchorage, open to the south is very close by.
Dinghy Tie Up Options: At the small municipal