Ocean Cruising Club

One or more awards, open to members or non-members who have performed some outstanding voyage or achievement.

Previous Winners

2016Victor WejerMore details
2015Shared by 6 crews and the POR VanuatuMore details
2014Peter SemotiukMore details
2013Herb HilgenbergMore details
2013Laura Dekker More details
2012Tim SeverinMore details
2012James WharramMore details
2012Dick GiddingsMore details
2011Thies Matzen and Kicki EricsonMore details
2011Paul and Rachel ChandlerMore details
2010Rolf Bjelke and Deborah ShapiroMore details
2010Jeremy RogersMore details
2009Dee CaffariMore details
2009Mike PerhamMore details
2009Erik Vischer More details
2008Kirsten Jones and Gary Hancock More details
2008Adrian FlanaganMore details
2007Minoru SaitoMore details
2007Sir Robin Knox-Johnston CBEMore details
2006Mary FalkMore details
2006Mike GoldingMore details
2005Alex Whitworth & Pete CrozierMore details
2005Paul GelderMore details
2004Jeremy Lines (Non-member)More details
2001Ellen MacArthur & Helen Tew
2000Lyn and Jim Foley & Peter and Tania Hopkinson
1999Amyr Klink & Peter Keig
1998Herb Hilgenberg & Gerd Engel
1997Pete Goss
1996Les Powles
1995Robin Davie
1994Jo Hunter
1993Mike Richey
1992Miles Clark
1991Trevor Osben
1990Gudrun Calligaro
1989Ewan Southby-Tailyour & Robin Knox-Johnston & Skipper & Crew of CreightonsNaturally
1988Dr John Bockstoce & Mike Birch
1987Colonel Chowdhury & the Crew of TRISHNAMore details
The OCC Award of Merit