It says a good deal about a club when it has members who have maintained their loyalty for 50 years or more. Congratulations to the following members and thank you for your contributions over the years. 

Derrick  Allen 62  Rosemary Mudie 57
Harvey Loomis 62 Dan Walker 54
Ian Nicolson 62 Bill White 54
Colin Mudie 62 Gary Griffin 54
Alfredo Lagos  62 Tom Miller 53
Sam Crowley  61 Ron Watts 53
Pat Pocock  60 Arthur Beiser 52
Dick Davidson  60 Shirley Williams 52
Skaffie Beard  60 John Radford 52
George Curtis  58 Ken Wunderlich 51
Brian Stewart  58 Margot Girle 51
Mike Butterfield  58 Michael Maude 51
Ted Robbins  58 Jock Snaith 50
Dick Maddison 50 Bill Fowler 50

Additionally the following members have achieved 30 years of continuous membership:

Erik Vischer
Charles Tarbell
Mark Scott
Dick Guckel
Denise Evans
Laurence Ormerod
Michael Rearden
Monte Wallace
David Sneath
Abby Smith

We thank you all for your contribution to making the Club truly vibrant and international.

Tony Gooch
Membership Sub-committee