A great opportunity

A member yacht planning to take part in the OCC Azores Rally in 2018 may have place for an OCC youth-sponsored crew. It would involve joining an experienced crew of two on a 45 ft steel ketch. Probable duration six weeks, leaving/returning FALMOUTH UK. It's a great opportunity to qualify for Club membership relatively easily!!! Apply through the Youth Sponsorship Programme.

Are you planning a passage?  Can you offer a young person a berth?

The aim of the Ocean Cruising Club (OCC) Youth Sponsorship Programme is to foster the development of ocean cruising by enabling young people to gain experience as a crew member on a long distance sailing passage. The programme enables the introduction of individuals between the ages of 18 and 25 to experienced ocean sailors, and the sponsorship award contributes towards the costs of the voyage.

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 About the Programme

The OCC Youth Sponsorship Programme is in its ninth year of operation. Thirteen candidates have taken part as of the end of 2016. Preferably the passage should be 1000 NM making the person eligible to become a full member of OCC, but it could be less. The protocol for the award is outlined in detail on the OCC web site here.

Any OCC member with a boat that would be interested in taking on a bursary recipient please contact Shaun Peck, the coordinator of the OCC Youth Sponsorship Program at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Ocean Cruising Club Youth Sponsorship Programme aims to foster ocean cruising by enabling young people to gain the experience of long distance ocean sailing. By contributing towards the costs of the voyage (travel to location of vessel, food, etc), the OCC facilitates the introduction of young sailors to the thrill of ocean cruising under the guidance of experienced ocean sailors. Started in 2012, the programme has been a great success.

  • In 2012 Emma Buckels (23) sailed from the UK, across the Atlantic and through many of the Caribbean Islands.
  • In 2013 Calum Underwood (18) sailed on Bob Morris' Apogee from Gran Canaria to Grenada. 
  • In 2014 Toby Morsely (18) sailed with Fiona and Chris Jones on Threeships from Malaysia to South Africa. 
  • In 2014 Jolien van Cranenburgh sailed to Brazil aboard Kind of Blue
  • In 2015 Jessica Bentley (24) and Sean Timmins (24)  sailed from Capetown to Lisbon on Impala
  • In 2015 Rebecca Band (25) sailed from Gottenburg to Portsmouth
  • In 2016 Owen Hewett (18) sailed from Azores to Wales on Threeships

Highly qualified members of OCC have volunteered their time and berths on their vessels for the programme. The OCC has commensurately committed a budget for young sailors of any nationality between the ages of 18 and 25 to help defray the costs of participation. The OCC will fund two thirds of the applicant’s total cruise costs up to the maximum limit of the award. 

This is a truly unique opportunity for young sailors to put some blue water miles on their sailing resumes while benefiting from the expertise of these very experienced OCC skippers who are willing to share their knowledge. Our results in the programme have been very encouraging. We are hoping to inspire a new generation of young people to sail beyond the horizon with confidence.

Qualified candidates may apply at any time for consideration as berths and awards become available. The selection of candidates is based on their experience and their personal statement of why they wish to participate.