Although we’ve added some new mentors to the list in recent months, we can always use more volunteers to broaden the geographic areas and expertise database. Mentors help Associates prepare for their qualifying ocean passages, enabling them to become Full members, and mentors also advise members about their voyaging and cruising plans. Communication is usually by email, and as long as the mentor and mentee have an Internet connection you can be anywhere in the world.

Wanted. ’If you are seeking a crew berth to gain experience or to complete your qualifying passage, or if you have a berth to offer to a crew member, please use the OCC Forum ‘Crew Needed and Crewing Positions That’s the fastest way to advertise your needs to the members.

If you would like to volunteer as a mentor, please email Priscilla Travis (email below),  and describe your cruising and voyaging experience, areas of nautical expertise, boat details, plus the URL of your website, if you have one. 

If you would like a mentor to assist you with advice on ocean passages, exploration and adventuring in distant waters, or coastal cruising to unfamiliar areas, please email your request for a mentor to Priscilla Travis  (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

   "When contemplating our forthcoming circumnavigation we were very kindly introduced to the OCC by a senior member to the club and its marvelous mentoring scheme. It has been a huge benefit. We were very fortunate in having previous circumnavigators appointed as our mentors.  They were brilliant and fielded our unremitting questions for a whole day. Their immense knowledge has proved to be invaluable."

– Jonathan Lloyd  
with permission.]

The OCC has a one-on-one Mentoring Programme to assist members seeking advice on ocean passages, exploration and adventuring in distant waters, and coastal cruising to unfamiliar areas. The programme is available to Associate and Full members.

The first purpose of the Mentoring Programme is to assist new Associate members who are about to embark upon their 1000+ mile qualifying ocean passage by helping them answer some of those unresolved questions that may hinder them from reaching their goal. By connecting them with experienced and seasoned members, the Associates may soon feel confident to set sail on their qualifying voyage. So if you've completed all the courses and certifications and need that final encouragement, this is your next step. 

The second purpose of the programme is to provide mentoring for any members who seek advice, whether they’re crossing an ocean or sailing to new waters close to home or far afield.

All of our mentors are enthusiastic sailors and cruisers, and they want others to experience the pleasures and satisfaction that they have realised from long distance sailing and cruising. They want to help you achieve the same.

OCC mentors can provide valuable information not found in the cruising guides and offer the friendly support that bonds us to the OCC community.  If you are interested in Mentoring, please let us know.

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