Bill Hatfield is in the last stretch for home

Bill Hatfield is in the last stretch for home

If Bill succeeds in closing the circle, he'll be the oldest person at the age of 81 to complete a solo, unassisted, nonstop circumnavigation.

By Daria Blackwell - 20/12/2019

Australian OCC member and 2018 Barton Cup winner, Bill Hatfield, is sailing solo westabout around the world at age 81. Bill has safely rounded Cape Horn in calm conditions on his solo around-the-world westabout voyage. He is now on his final leg across the Pacific to Australia, hugging the coast of South America until he reaches the tradewinds.

Bill has had several harrowing experiences which he has written about in his blog 'L'Eau Commotion' Westabout, including having fallen overboard 225 Miles South East of St Helena on the 27th of August. You can read his posts and follow his tracker by clicking on the link below. Clearly, he managed to climb back aboard. He had been flying an asymmetric headsail for a few days and surfing at up to 18 knots in the SE Trades.

We wish you fair winds and a very Happy Christmas at sea, Bill!

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