NOAA discontinuing paper and raster charts

NOAA discontinuing paper and raster charts

Announces Plan for Sunsetting Traditional NOAA Charts - End of Paper and Raster Nautical Chart Production and Introduction of NOAA Custom Charts

By Daria Blackwell - 16/11/2019

What was originally announced several years ago is now being extended. NOAA plans to stop producing traditional paper charts for US territorial waters and resize present ENC into a gridded format. The phase-out will start in mid- to late-2020 and be completed by January 2025.

This process includes replacing 1,200 irregular ENC cells on 130 different scales with a standardized grid system and set of 12 standard scales. NOAA will still provide access to paper chart products based on ENC data, either through third-party vendors or through the NOAA Custom Chart (NCC) system (now in prototype phase). The online NOAA NCC application lets users create their own paper charts with NOAA ENC data. The user can define the scale and size of custom-made nautical charts, then download them in a special PDF format. Beta users are asked to provide feedback.

Follow the links below to read the plan and test the NCC system.

Meanwhile, all of Canada is now covered by free downloadable sailing directions. Follow the link below to the relevant page.

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