Advance Notice of Arrival required in Fiji and Tonga

Advance Notice of Arrival required in Fiji and Tonga

Noonsite reports of fines being levied on cruisers arriving without submitting an ANOA prior to arrival.

By Daria Blackwell - 11/09/2019

Advance Notice of Arrival (ANOA) is an important tool for stopping illegal activity in all countries. Customs in Tonga and Fiji require that all visiting yachts submit ANOA. Yachts not submitting an ANOA may be fined, have clearance delayed, withheld, or even refused. Fines in Fiji start at 4000FJD and in Tonga at 10000TOP.

Greg Just of Cafe Tropicana in Vava’u, Tonga reported to Noonsite that a yacht arriving in Fiji was fined $4,600FJD (just over $2,000) for not completing ANOA and stopping in the Lau Group which is not a port of entry.

Make sure you are familiar with the entry requirements for the countries you are cruising to and complete the advance paperwork on time by using Noonsite’s extensive information. Full details of the clearance requirements for yachts arriving from overseas at both these countries can be found on the Noonsite website. See link below.

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