South Africa to the Caribbean

South Africa to the Caribbean

A Passage Planning Guide has been prepared and is available as a free download from RCCPF.

By Daria Blackwell - 22/08/2019

Driven by concerns over security along the Red Sea route, the cruising route from South Africa to the Caribbean has become increasingly popular in recent
years. So much so that it has become a major recruiting stop for OCC Members! The OCC welcomes this new guide and urges members to contribute to future editions.

This new Royal Cruising Club Pilotage Foundation publication covers the principal routes from South Africa to the Caribbean. Author, Chris Hamblin, has
brought together his own research with the cruising information and photos contributed to the Pilotage Foundation by yachtsmen and women who have sailed these routes in recent years, among them quite a few members of the OCC.

Author: Chris Hamblin
PDF download high resolution, 122 pages
Edition: 1st 2019
Published: 19 Aug 2019

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