The BBC REEL spotlights Peter Café Sport in Horta, Azores

The BBC REEL spotlights Peter Café Sport in Horta, Azores

"The post office 930 miles from the mainland" features a delightful interview with OCC Honorary Member José Henrique Azevedo, PO for Horta since 2007

By Daria Blackwell - 15/08/2019

The focus of the video is the remarkable postal service provided by the Café, but the significance of the Café to bluewater cruisers is covered in this video by Fernando Teixeira and Izabela Cardoso. "Far away from European or African mainland sit the Azores islands. The city of Horta is home to one of the most remote bars in the world, where sailors from around the globe collect their mail during their voyages across the vast Atlantic ocean." It is part of the BBC series on Remote Places.

Congratulations, José. Well done! Winner of the OCC Events and Rallies Award for 2018 and represented on a series of commemorative postal stamps from Portugal, we are truly honoured to count you among our greatest friends.

The video is just over 4 minutes long (14 August 2019). To view the video, follow the link below. Enjoy!

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