Parasailor 8

Parasailor 8

Originally fitted to our Oyster 47 and then used on our Catana 50 catamaran. Used 10 times. Condition is excellent.

By Paul Foskett - 29/07/2019

Original Price EUR 8,690
Sheets, Guys & Fittings EUR 953.42
TOTAL COST EURO’s = EUR 9,643.44 or USD 8,680.00
For Sale at USD 6,000.00

Parasailor Dimensions:
SL 17.26m
SMW 10.65m
Foot 8.86m
TOTAL SAIL Area 156m2
Wing Area 23.2m2

Sheets 12mm diameter, 16 plait matt, each 22m long, colour Red & Green
Guys 12mm diameter, 16 plait matt, each 29m long, colour Yellow
Snap Shackles Wichard WD2774 90mm (two)
Lewmar Size 2 Ocean Snatch Block x2
Lewmar Ratchet Block with snap shackle spliced to Easysnu?er control line x1
Medium size Seddon Links – Webbings

Parasailor WEB SITE.

Contact Paul Foskett via email:
Antigua Mobile up to 14th August and from 16th November 2019 : +1 268 788 4121
UK from 16 Aug to 14th Nov UK Mobile: +44 7340 357 476

The Parasailor is two sails in one! The Parasailor works from 70° to 180° apparent wind angle (AWA), that is, its covers the domains of both symmetric and asymmetric spinnakers taken together.

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