A visit to the Scrimshaw Museum at Peter Cafe Sport

A visit to the Scrimshaw Museum at Peter Cafe Sport

Members Jonathan and Anne Lloyd arranged a tour of the museum by Honorary OCC Member Jose Azevedo and invited the cruisers in Horta to join in.

By Daria Blackwell - 23/06/2019

Jonathan and Anne Lloyd, on the tail end of a circumnavigation, stopped in Horta on Faial in the Azores where multiple OCC members had congregated. They took the opportunity to charm Jose Azevedo, grandson of the legendary founder of Peter Cafe Sport, into opening the magnificent scrimshaw museum and conducting a personalised tour. Other cruisers in residence were invited to attend.

Jose was the winner of the 2018 Rallies and Events Award for his role in organising and supporting the successful Azores Pursuit Rally that year. He was also elected Honorary Member of the OCC for his continuing support of the cruising community as they arrive in Horta after a successful crossing of the Atlantic. The Azevedo family has been a friend to OCC since its inception.

Photo by Coratriton.

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