Randall Reeves, Solo Sailor on the Figure 8 Voyage

Randall Reeves, Solo Sailor on the Figure 8 Voyage

Randall and Moli have stopped in Halifax NS to repair damage to their self-steering and to prepare for the Northwest Passage

By Daria Blackwell - 10/06/2019

OCC Member Randall Reeves set out alone on The Figure 8 Voyage in an attempt to circumnavigate both American continents and Antarctica in one season. Departing from San Francisco in the autumn of 2018, Reeves' expedition took him all the way to the bottom of the world, past South America, around Antarctica, then all the way up the Atlantic to the top of the world, and returning home to San Francisco via the Arctic – all to be completed solo in one year. The total route is about 40,000 miles. A loop around the world via the Southern Ocean is considered the Everest of sailing. No one has yet attempted five oceans, two circumnavigations, in one year, alone.

Randall took a break on Tuesday, June 4th, to do a Fireside chat at the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron’s Clubhouse. Randall Reeves is the first solo sailor to combine two historic and dangerous routes - a Southern Ocean circumnavigation and a transit of the Arctic - into one epic passage which he called the Figure 8 Voyage. Randall invited members of the Squadron into his world with an informal fireside chat to learn about the many challenges and wonders of traversing the oceans, offering up a virtual stowaway experience!

Randall told the RNSYS, “I’ve been sailing since I was a kid and have always been fascinated with deep ocean solo journeys. I used to “borrow” my father’s small boat when he went on business trips, and I’d explore the rivers and estuaries around San Francisco Bay by myself”.

Randall sent beautifully written and moving blog entries routinely during his voyage. It was like being onboard with him and Moli. Catch up with the voyage by following the link below.

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