The Western Caribbean Cookbook

The Western Caribbean Cookbook

What do you get when you mix a rally of Ocean Cruising Club members, their boats, and the waters of the Western Caribbean? Well, a cookbook of course!

By Leanne Vogel - 23/05/2019

The “Western Caribbean Cookbook” was an idea fuelled from the caring and sharing nature of all the amazing people who participated in the Ocean Cruising Club 2018/2019 Suzie Too Rally. These are people who I have shared this adventure with, people from many nations sharing stories of travel, adventure, boat projects and from time to time swapping recipes.

Everyone in this rally has made a contribution, whether it was assisting with the
administration, organising a land tour, conducting yoga & noodling classes, sharing expertise, tools, and knowledge or conducting the morning net. This book is my contribution.

I would like to thank all the contributors for sharing their recipes, tips, and photos. Thank you, Ian & Ann, for proofreading and Tourterelle’s provisioning tips. Thanks to Barbara on Raven and Renee on Poerava for extra provisioning advice. Thank you to my husband David for his editorial guidance. Also thanks to Shiera from who contributed most of the photos and of course Suzie & David from Suzie Too, without whom this book would simply not have been.

Leanne Vogel
SV Perigee

View the cookbook using the links below. Available as an 8mb pdf file to download or as an eZine to view online or order a printed copy.

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