Youth Sponsorship Programme Update

Youth Sponsorship Programme Update

Thank you for the many generous offers from OCC skippers to host a Youth Sponsorship Programme applicant.

By Emily Winter - 01/05/2019

We are really delighted to have found passages for two, possibly all three, of the most recent applicants. However, if you do have any upcoming ocean passages that you would consider hosting an extra member of (very enthusiastic) crew, please do notify us and we will do our best to find a suitable match! The Atlantic would work particularly well for our current applicants:

• Liam MacReamoinn (DOB 2 March 1998), home country Ireland. Liam takes every opportunity available to him to be on the water: be it dinghy instruction (having achieved an advanced instruction certificate he is currently training as a senior instructor for Junior Sailing), volunteering with the West of Ireland Racing Association for mark laying or providing rescue boat support at club racing events. He has some experience of cruising sailing across the Irish Sea in 2018, but longs for more!

• Matteo Piacentini (DOB 11 March 1995), home country Italy. Matteo lives near Lake Garda, he is an FIV (Italian sailing federation) instructor with a focus on yachts and one-design boats. He considers himself knowledgeable and interested in rigging and maintenance. He has done a great deal of in-shore sailing and racing, and has done a certain amount of sea cruising, but dreams of crossing the Atlantic ocean.

We keep a list of potential skippers, and it is particularly helpful if you include details of your proposed passage (port of origin and destination), length of passage (both days and distance), proposed dates of passage (even if it is planned for the future), vessel and an indication of the experience of the crew who will be on board.

Please contact Emily at

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