Good Day OCC Forum Users!

Good Day OCC Forum Users!

The new OCC forum is up and running with a bit of a changed look and...

By Bill Balme - 28/04/2019

I hope you'll agree (once you gain some familiarity with it), easier navigation.

The new forum has been separated from the website, so the registration procedure is a little different...

1. Bring up the Forum:
2. Click on Login (top right corner of the screen)
3. On the Login pane, enter your email address, then click on Reset Password

The system will validate that you are a recognized member of the OCC by checking your email address against the one on file. If there's a match, you will receive an email with a link to follow that will take you to the reset password area. Once done, it'll offer a 'Login' link. At the Login pane, enter your email address and new password and if you would like this to be remembered so that you no longer have to go through the login procedure, click on the 'Remember Me' box. You're in!

If you have entered an email that the system does not recognise (perhaps you have changed email addresses since your last interaction with the forum or website), it will not allow you in to the forum. Please email with your attempted login email address and we will verify your membership manually and update the forum records accordingly.

Once you have registered your login email and password - and ticked the box 'Remember Me' you will only have to re-enter your details when returning to the Forum, if you actively logged off, or if you enter the forum from a different platform (phone, computer, etc.)

Navigation around the forum is straightforward as before but also offers alternate views if you utilize the 'Hamburger' at the top right of the screen.

All users of the forum are encouraged to enter details in their Profiles and adding a photo of yourself will make it much more personable.

The forum is full of information about technical areas of the boat, cruising plans and reports, best practice articles and interesting debates. Please join in to this OCC resource and pass your pearls of wisdom on to those of us that will soak it up with thanks.

We all look forward to seeing your next forum post!


Bill Balme
OCC Forum Administrator

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