OCC RoRC Report from New Zealand

OCC RoRC Report from New Zealand

Whangarei, New Zealand is the best place to do any boat work we have ever been.

By Franco Ferrero & Kath McNulty - 27/04/2019

After two months gallivanting around South Island, we hauled out mid-January and have been very busy ever since. Our big projects include an arch to take a new 300W solar panel and all the aerials, a new non-slip deck, a different refrigeration system (we have demolished the chart table and are fitting two 40 litre Engel chest fridge/freezers instead, the old ‘fridge’ becomes a tin store) and fitting a diving compressor (a challenge on a 36’ boat). On our medium projects list we have new plastic seacocks throughout, new bed cushions, an improved anchor locker, repairing old damage to the keel, repainting the inside and a Code 0 sail (made by Willis Sails). Then there are all the other things a yacht needs; antifouling, polishing, varnishing, oiling, the odd repair or improvement, and a watermaker.

Here in the yard at Riverside Drive Marina, we have Dave at the All Marine chandlery, Terry and his team of steel/aluminium fabricators, Steve the boat builder and many other pros from the industry. Off site, there is Burnsco, canvas stores, paint stores, riggers and anything else a boat owner could dream of. The one thing I haven’t found yet is the multi-storey mall - I don’t think there is one (where will I buy that designer pair of high heels I’ve been dreaming about?)

Luckily for us, it isn’t all about work and Mary, our port officer just down the pontoon, does a fantastic job organising the social life. Every Sunday we have a BBQ (see photo - Mary is fourth on the right) and last week was the OCC Farewell Lunch at the Whangarei Yacht Club.

No date yet for our departure to Fiji.

Franco Ferrero & Kath McNulty, OCC Roving Rear Commodores

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