"Clean up before bottoms up"

"Clean up before bottoms up"

The Down Under Rally Partners with Coastal Clean-Up as part of their Cruising with a Cause Initiative.

By Daria Blackwell - 08/03/2019

OCC Member John Hembrow announced the campaign in association with OCC Member Steve Brown's Coastal Clean-Up initiative. The Down Under Rally have published the "Clean up before bottoms up" page on their website as part of their Cruising with a Cause" initiative. They announced their involvement with a facebook post this morning.

They leave Australia and will be sailing with the Go East Rally to New Caledonia in May this year (34 yachts have joined the rally). They will be encouraging the rally participants to "get on board" with this initiative as they cruise New Caledonia and Vanuatu.

They will be leaving the rally participants in June and sailing on to Fiji where they will be promoting Australia and the Go West rally to westbound cruising yachts. They will continue to promote this initiative whilst in Fiji and when they return to Australia in November.

Wherever possible the plastic that has been removed will be transported to recycling points in the major centres such as Noumea in New Caledonia, Port Vila in Vanuatu and Port Denarau Marina in Fiji where it can be processed responsibly.

John writes, "In just 30 minutes together with a couple of fellow cruisers we gathered this pile of plastic from the shoreline of a once pristine island in the Pacific. We want to encourage everyone to do the same, even if they only do it once!"

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This is the second rally to take part in the Coastal Clean-Up. The OCC Suzie Too Rally has been cleaning up the beaches of the Western Caribbean as 60 yachts and their crews cruise in company from country to country.

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