FREE: World-Wide Charts

For collection from Milford, Connecticut, USA.

By Fred Munk - 25/02/2019

I have charts of the entire world. They are "old" (1970s). Most valuable are the small scale charts because that level of detail doesn't change. Charts to get one around the world, close coasts, and get to harbor entrances.

Details of some places like Cape Horn, Good Hope (including entrance to Cape Town), New Zealand, especially details of the South Island and large scale charts of the area south of the South Island. Also the Panama Canal. Also more detailed of Hawaii, Marquises, San Francisco, Strait of Juan de Fuca and into Seattle.

More recent charts (late 1980s): Full details of Iceland, Azores, Madeira, Bermuda. Plenty useable since they are large scale charts I used to sail into those ports.

Also late 1980s of the English Channel, coast of England, Wales including many large scale harbor charts. Portugal (approaches and large scale harbor details). I was headed to Portugal so had every chart I needed, but family issues had me get only as far as the Azores and Madeira, Bermuda & back to Connecticut.

Pilot charts of the N. & S. Atlantic, N. & S. Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Time is not available for me to catalog all the charts. I can say that they weigh 15 lbs. (which I think is just under 7 kilos), and they are dry~! So, it is a substantial number of charts.

Fred Munk:

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