RoRC Report from the Caribbean

Returning to Grenada to launch 'Brisa' we were relieved to find her in good shape ...

By Simon & Hilda Julien - 24/01/2019 only for the house batteries which after five years service needed replacing, their demise unfortunately accelerated by the failure of the care and maintenance which should have been carried out by the contracted local representative. Yet another salutary lesson relearnt - getting any task completed in the Caribbean can be expensive and not always carried out to the standard desired - if at all! For whatever reason we were not alone in having to replace a battery or two at this time ...!

Grenada with good facilities is an increasingly popular laying up area for OCC members (many driven there by changes in insurance requirements and costs following the most recent hurricanes). No surprise therefore that the social life surrounding fitting out was excellent! Many like ourselves then moved on to Carriacou and then Bequia in time for Christmas.

For us to be in Bequia for Christmas was something that had been on our agenda for years. We had always heard glowing reports given over the OCC Caribbean net of gatherings there. We were not disappointed. The light display ashore (& much more modestly afloat in our case) was amazing. On one memorable evening the local school steel pan band’s rendition of Christmas music was outstanding and tear jerking against this wonderful backdrop. Apart from several OCC inspired ‘meetings’, a large scale potluck ashore in a closed- for-the-day restaurant on Christmas Day, which followed for us a more formal Swedish cruisers’ dinner on Christmas Eve, ensured we had a wonderful time. Expectations fully met!

Meanwhile as we head north towards Antigua the OCC Caribbean net has been as active as ever despite the less frequent contact from many former ‘regulars’ currently with the Suzie Too rally. At the time of writing (early January, as we move on from Martinique) already some 45 boats had checked in. Reports from those visiting last year’s hurricane struck area indicate recovery action is generally going well and services for cruisers, if not sadly for the local populace in islands like Dominica, have been largely restored.

And with some unusually clement weather forecast over the next week or two a long awaited trip to the less visited island of Marie Galante is penciled in for ourselves...

We wish everyone good cruising!

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