RoRC Report from the US East Coast

RoRC Report from the US East Coast

This update comes while sitting in cozy comfort before a beautiful roaring fire at Marilyn's in Norfolk, Virginia.

By David Bridges - 24/01/2019

We've been here since mid-October after leaving BLUE YONDER docked in
Puerto Calero in Lanzarote as we returned to home base for 3 months to soak up family time, attend to personal business and spend our 90 days out of the EU due to the Schengen Agreement. We've enjoyed the comforts of a cushy land based existence while personally growing larger socializing around many food & drink laden tables with family and friends, both of the land and sea dwelling types.

Other than a few gatherings with OCC friends and trips to the marine suppliers for necessities to take back to the boat it's been time on land away from the life of a sailor. We are indeed now ready & excitedly looking forward to returning to our seagoing life in one week and whatever amazing adventures await. Hopefully we'll have more water borne tales of interest to report next quarter. Meanwhile here's wishing all of you safe fun filled adventurous cruising for 2019. Cheers!

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