Newport RI considering restrictions to anchoring

OCC Member Paul Preston forwarded his letter to the editor of Newport This Week expressing concerns about proposed changes to anchoring at Newport RI.

By Daria Blackwell - 22/01/2019

The proposed amendment of Chapter 12.28.060 of the Codified Ordinance specifies that ‘No anchored vessel to be left unattended’. Thousands of visiting yachtsman come to Newport and anchor in the harbor each year. Few of them are aware of the proposed changes which would prevent crew of anchored vessels from going ashore, affecting couples and short-handed crew most. Members who have concerns are urged to express their views to the City Council.

Following is the contact information for the Newport City Council. They are the ones who will ultimately decide whether to accept the proposed changes to the Anchoring Ordinance 12.28.060. The next council meeting is this coming Wednesday, but that is only the first reading. Final adoption will not be scheduled until March. There is plenty of time for members to voice their concerns.

Mayor Jamir Bova - Email: Office: (1) 401-845-5436

Council Angela McCalla - Email: Office: (1) 401-845-5497

Council Lynn Underwood Ceglie - Email: Office: (1) 401-845-5498

Council Kathryn Leonard - Email: Office: (1) 401-845-5495

Council Jeanne-Marie Napolitano - Email: Office: (1) 401-845-5499

Council Justin McLaughlin - Email: Office: (1) 401-845-5493

Vice Chair Susan Taylor - Email: Office: (1)401-845-549412.

Newport City Hall: (1) 401-845-5497

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