Winners Announced in Membership Competition!

Winners Announced in Membership Competition!

RoRCs Suzanne and David Chappell are the recipients of the Annual OCC New Memberships Competition, signing up more than 50 new members in 2018.

By Daria Blackwell - 05/12/2018

Congratulations! Suzanne and David Chappell are the winners of our Annual New Memberships Competition, stealing the crown from double-year winner Bill Balme. By our count they have brought in 50+ new members, largely through the OCC Suzie Too Rally. This has contributed greatly to our annual net increase in membership of 13.6%, which is a record for the Club. Well done and thank you for all your hard work! Your next year of membership will be free.

The OCC Suzie II Rally has been generating headlines and getting attention from destinations throughout the Western Caribbean. See link below. One of the conditions of joining the Rally is becoming a member in the OCC. It happens to be one of the benefits as well! And a hearty welcome to our our new members who joined in 2018.

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