Meet up in Richards Bay, SA

Meet up in Richards Bay, SA

Fascinating meet of boats and cruisers on the 24th November - some 33 for a BBQ, with an additional 6 or so who joined us just for drinks.

By Jenny Crickmore-Thompson - 27/11/2018

Thirteen boats in total - a very international group consisting of several Australian boats, Turkish, Hawaiian, Vanuatu-an, French, and even some British and Americans - took part in this event that continues to grow each year! There was a mix of nationalities on board, including Malaysian and Filipino crew and partners, and as always some incredible stories.

Frank lost his keel coming in and is waiting for a replacement from France - big customs issues! Dustin, single-handed (literally as he lost an arm and a leg in a bike accident!), started in Hawaii but is leaving the boat for 6 weeks to crew on a friend's boat from Chile to Antarctica, then will come back and continue his quest to be first single-handed sailor to circumnavigate. Mustafa & Eli will be on only the 15th Turkish boat to circumnavigate - wonderful young couple, such an excitement about the world! Colin on Burmese Breeze is on his second circumnavigation - he "just enjoys it so much"! Tom & Kate will leave their boat in Richards Bay and go home to Australia for 6 months or so to make some money to carry on again - what he calls "jump-cruising". Fascinating stories!

To add to all that, our PO Richards Bay, Tata Mncedi, brought along a group of local people. Jeff is the chieftain/inkosi of a royal tract of land and is building a lodge; we plan to have the next Richards Bay BBQ at his place in rural Africa. Hlengiwe runs township tours and has a tavern where she provides lunches for visitors - decorated with a brand new OCC burgee. Tata also runs a sailing school - something for us to keep an eye on.

All in all, a great evening. I unfortunately was enjoying myself so much I forgot to take any photographs!!! But here is the anchorage at ZYC.

One interesting comment from most of the people there: very few of them had heard about the OCC despite having sailed thousands of ocean miles. How to address this? Ideas welcomed!

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