The OCC Awards Are Evolving…

The OCC Awards Are Evolving…

The Committee has approved reshaping of our Awards portfolio, with immediate effect for the 2017 awards nominations.

By The OCC Committee - 20/06/2017

As the Club grows into an ever more vibrant global entity, the Committee continually looks to support members’ endeavours and evaluate our resources and member benefits. One of our most cherished events is the Annual Awards, whereby we recognise members of the blue water cruising community for their achievements.

For the past eight months, an Awards Working Group (Jenny Crickmore-Thompson, Tony Gooch, Peter Paternotte, Daria Blackwell, Paul Furniss, David Blackburn, Fiona Jones, John Franklin) has been examining the awards presented by the OCC. The overall feedback from the membership has been that we have too many awards, some of which are so similar that it causes confusion both for those trying to nominate and those tasked with judging the nominations. The intention of the Working Group has been to both streamline and redefine the Awards so that each award is recognised as the pinnacle of its category. This has resulted in the reshaping of our Awards portfolio, introduced now with immediate effect for 2017 awards nominations.

It is important to emphasise that these changes take nothing away from those awards previously presented and the recognition previously given: each one of these was awarded for a specific exploit or endeavour that the OCC felt it imperative to applaud at the time and will remain in the OCC Archives. What we have striven to do is to enhance each category and raise the level of significance and excellence of the OCC Awards. We trust the outcome will please you.

You, the member, are the key for recognising strong potential winners: the role you play in the nomination process is significant. It is with your knowledge and considered input that the OCC can bestow these accolades to the appropriate recipients. We, the General Committee, invite all members, especially those who are out there actively sailing, the Regional Rear Commodores, Roving Rear Commodores and Port Officers, to play an active role in the annual awards process.

Awards Mission Statement:
The OCC gives awards annually to applaud and publicise the voyages, exploits and activities of offshore sailors from all parts of the world, thereby recognising the achievements of both OCC members and those in the larger sailing community who reflect the ethos of the OCC, all of whom inspire others to pursue their dreams of ocean sailing.

Open to all:
• OCC Barton Cup: recognises an exceptional or challenging voyage or series of voyages.
• OCC Lifetime Cruising Award: recognises a lifetime of noteworthy ocean cruising.
• OCC Award: recognises valuable service to the OCC or the ocean cruising community as a whole.
• OCC Jester Award: recognises a noteworthy singlehanded voyage or series of voyages made in a boat 30ft or less overall.
• OCC Seamanship Award: recognises feats of exceptional seamanship and/or bravery at sea.

Members only:
• OCC Vasey Vase: recognises an unusual or exploratory voyage made by a member.
• OCC Qualifier’s Mug: recognises the most ambitious or arduous qualifying voyage published by a member in print or online.
• David Wallis Trophy: recognises an outstanding contribution to Flying Fish by a member (nominated by the Flying Fish editor and proof-readers).

Regional, members only:
• Port Officer/Port Officer Representative awards.
• Australian Trophy (Australia) for a voyage begun or ended in Australia by an Australian member (judged by Australian officers).
• Vertue Award (North America) for a voyage or service to the OCC by a North American member (judged by North American officers)

Terms of Reference:

1. For all awards, except the OCC Award and the OCC Lifetime Cruising Award, the voyage or event must have been completed no more than 18 months prior to the 31st December deadline for nominations.
2. Only OCC members in good standing may submit nominations.
3. For Members Only awards (other than the Qualifier’s Mug), the nominee must have been a member when he/she made the voyage or enacted the event for which the nomination is made.
4. Awards will be presented only if there is a truly deserving nominee.
5. Fuller descriptions of each award are available on the OCC website. Please check that your nominee fits the criteria before submitting your nomination.

Awards that have been retired but will be maintained in the OCC historical archives:

• OCC Award of Merit, for an outstanding voyage or achievement is now covered by any of the Barton Cup, Jester Award, Vasey Vase, Qualifiers Mug.
• Rose and Rambler Medals, for short and short-handed voyages, are now incorporated into either the Barton Cup, Jester Award, Vasey Vase, Qualifiers Mug.
• Water Music Trophy, for cruising, navigation, pilotage information is covered by both the OCC Lifetime and OCC Awards.
• Geoff Pack Memorial Award, for published writing, is covered by OCC Lifetime and OCC Awards, and David Wallis Trophy.
• The Endurance Award, for showing indomitable spirit in adversity. It was suggested that the recognition afforded by this award would be better shown regionally rather than internationally.

The OCC General Committee, June 2017

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