RRC report from the California coast

RRC report from the California coast

Rick Whiting, RRC California is hosting increasing numbers of events and new members

By Rick Whiting - 10/11/2018

I have had the opportunity to welcome and also sponsor a record number of new members and associate members this year. These new members are either out cruising or here in the state of California and keeping their vessels elsewhere.

There was not a lot of activity from cruisers transiting the California coast. I communicated with one intrepid cruiser heading south and was able to get him in touch with our new PO in San Diego, Tom Taliferro. Tom was able to assist him so he could carry on.

We had a very successful (second) gathering of members for a Pot Luck 'sail in and ferry in' at Angel Island in August. There were (about) 20 members and a number of visitors on hand. The key draw to the event was that Randall Reeves and his vessel MOLI were on hand for a tour prior to his second attempt at the “Figure 8” circumnavigation of the planet in the extreme. Randall just set off in early October. Fair winds and Godspeed Randall!

Also at the Pot Luck gathering was past Vice Commodore Tony Gooch. Tony has been involved with the MOLI project and is the previous owner of the vessel and has been a great mentor to me.

Also, to be commended this year are Chad Carvey and Ben Shaw. Without these two intrepid and eager members, we could not have pulled off the wonderful pot luck gathering and thus generated interest in more adventurous endeavors for next year. The possibilities include a sailing rally to the Channel Islands and a coastal pot luck party in Monterey, CA. We will keep you posted.

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